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BrilliantlyMad Issue 00 was released in 1998 and, since then, we have published and printed 11 BrilliantlyMad issues with collaborations from our extended communities. We will be searching for more past, present, and future treasures in the coming months so check back as we open these vaults.

BrilliantlyMad Issue 2o11

Front Cover - "Tantric Marriage" by George Atherton  //  Back Cover - "The Maiden" by Liba Waring Stambollion

BrilliantlyMad Issue 2o11

You Lift Me, I'll Lift You & We'll Ascend Together

We convene at yet another beginning as you unfold these pages and open yourself to this BrilliantlyMad experience. Let us take a journey together, align our individual microcosms to the eternal macrocosm, and trust in the faith that has set us here now.


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Past Covers of BM Zine

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