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Chi! Ka! Go! 11-11

November 11, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - November 12, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

$15 – $25

***´¨) Chi! Ka! Go!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` BrilliantlyMad Collective, and AngeLynx, invite you to Chi! Ka! Go!’s 9th Anniversary on Sunday, November 11th, 2018 at Que4 Studio. This is a re-unification with our extended chosen family, in harmony with the Solar Cycles, activating the Sacred Circle of our Sanctuary City again. This brings us through the Galactic Gateway and into the Infinite light of where we are now, 11:11.

Last year we completed our monthly Chi! Ka! Go! series on our 8th Anniversary and excited to reunite in full awareness. We’re also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of BrilliantlyMad Collective and inviting you to hold safe space with us. There are infinite opportunities as we continue to build our rainbow bridges and unite the Ark of Humanity.

This Chi! Ka! Go! experience offers you an interactive environment featuring performances, ceremonies, healing sessions, live art, interactive workshops, chill spaces, sound journeys, kirtan, photobooth, non-alcoholic smartbar/buffet, and more. Stay tuned as we continue to add experiences to this journey with you.

Your donations support our community building
$20 tickets on sale now
$25 includes Cacao Ceremony (limited)
Kids 12 and under invited for free
17 and under welcome with parent



MC’d by Secquoyah Lacy
7:15pm: Open Mic
8pm: Angelique Nelson (Aligned Movement)
8:30pm: ANVA (Shamanic Journey Meditation)
9pm: SheWolf (Sacred Dance & Drum) – Julie Brannen & others
9:20pm: Lana Eucalyptus (Experimental Electronic Music)
9:30pm: Organic Monk (Improv Orchestra)
9:40pm: Shanti & Lisa Devi (Ananda Lila Kirtan)
9:50pm: ATMAAN (Aeronautic Records)
10:50pm: Tatiana Fonseca (Belly Dance)
11pm: 11:11 Meditation LIVE STREAM
11:15pm: John Simmons (Vocalo Radio)
*12:30am: Closing Circle & Completion Ceremony
Succulent Embodiment with Starlight Nectar D’Amour

6pm: Doors Open
6:15pm: Cacao Hearts on Fire (Naia from Prana Sanctuary)
7pm: Opening Circle (David, John, Rossi, Sound Shephard)
7:30pm: Kirtan Unification: Girish with Devi2000 & others
8:30pm-9pm: Melissa Matson (Freeform Express)
9pm Ecstatic Dance (W_Dervish)
10:30pm: Sound Voyage (Jay Taylor)
10:50pm: 11/11 Shaping Fate (John Sacelli)
11:30pm: Symphony Sound Bath with Qigong
(Lisa Devi, Jane Justice, Gian Arjan, Gia Scavuzza)

Bhairavi Shera (Communication Decoding & Realignment)
Jane Justice (Numerology/Sound Sessions)
Robert Bershadsky (Thai & Fly Therapeutics)
Lizz Medrano (Shiatsu Therapy)
Tony Holmes (Shamanic Soul Therapy)
Sound Shephard (Sacred Vibrations)
Alejandro Salinas (Massage)
Jason Cunningham (Channeled Readings)
Julie Bray (Live Painting)
Chan Maurice Evans (Guitar-Drone Soundscapes)
Tree (Reflexology for Wellness
Abigail MacGregor (Reiki)
John Sacelli (AngeLynx Alignments)

GlitterGuts Portrait Booth (10th Anniversary)
Q the Eternal Question (Video Mixing)
LeekOvision (Live Body Painting)
Christopher Messer (UV Body Art)
Joe Gagnepain (Live Painting)
Colin Breen (Glow Poi & Flags)
Xane Daniel (Righteous Comic Book)
Organic Monk (Improv Orchestra)
Ariel Rose (Live Painting)
Dennis Frederick (Pied Piper)
Cherry Berry Blast (Face Painting)
David Medina (Performance Art/Decorations)
Yeshua (Live Visuals / MC)
Firefly (Live Performances)
Jason Gremley (Playful Spirit)
Vivian Astara Sakellariou (Ceremonialist)
Sweet Ginger Rose (Love Patrol)
Edward Balloon Hands
Tatiana Sanchez (AcroYoga)
Rose Mountain Photo / Buddha Heart Shop



¸.•*11/11 – Shaping Fate (keynote meditation on 11:11pm)
Eleven is the master number of creativity. 11/11 is a message from Spirit that our time of childhood as a race is yielding to young adulthood, and we are being offered lessons in world-creation, the arts of ethically and aesthetically evolving our personal and collective futures. CHI KA GO founder John Sacelli will present a half-hour of interactive and participatory numerology explaining the principles of 11/11 as the creative guideline in the process of Shaping Fates.

¸.•*Kirtan Unification (Devotional Mantras)
Girish (Music and Mantras)
It is an honor to be hosting this internationally touring world music artist, teacher, and author, Girish who will be joined by Devi2000, Marla Shuman, Tatiana Sanchez, and other Chicago Kirtan artists. Girish followed an unexpected path—a seeming detour to live as a monk in an ashram for five years that inadvertently nourished his musical artistry. Here, he studied Sanskrit as a means to understand the deeper meanings of ancient chants, which sparked a life-changing event that led him back to music—and to combining music with Sanskrit chants.

¸.•*John Simmons (Vocalo Radio, Style Matters)
Celebrating 25 years of Soulful House Music and one of our favorite DJs in the community. The son of a DJ, he was influenced early in life by the soulful and eclectic sounds played at home. Having a solid foundation in Soul/R&B, Disco, ’80s music and early Hip-Hop/Rap, John became immersed in the early 1990s by the dance/electronic music that he continues to share in the community.
www.soundcloud.com/djjohnsimmons www.mixcloud.com/djjohnsimmons

¸.•*Ecstatic Dance Chicago!
We are about to go on a journey you won’t forget.
(Cassandra Justine, W_Dervish, Jay Taylor)

¸.•*Symphony Sound Bath with Qigong
(Lisa Devi, Jane Justice, Gian Arjan, Gia Scavuzza)

¸.•*SheWolf (Sacred Dance & Drum)
Featuring Julie Brannen, Theresa Venus, Theresa Fernandez, Janine Tvrz, Julie Brannen , Tracy Mihaljevic, Sarah Lemley , Christine Shallenberg , Bridgette Hammond, Cher Nicolas, Sarah Winkler-Kline, Sondra Malling, Victoria Boateng , Jen Halman, Lexi Weintraub, Barry Schultz , Nancy Schultz, & Cori Paulsrud

¸.•*Cacao Hearts on Fire (Naia from Prana Sanctuary)
There are limited $5 tickets available. This will begin at 6:15pm till 7pm for those who sign up ahead of time.

¸.•* ANVA (Shamanic Journey Meditation)
ANVA is an earth shaman, hosting healing meditations at 9:30am every Sunda, & vends spiritual cosmetic products all at 624 Grove St, Evanston. Her digital ID is ANVA Conscious Creation.

¸.•*ATMAAN (Aeronautic Records)
Showcasing some of his new music from his upcoming ablum, this musician has been on our team for nearly 20 years.

¸.•*GlitterGuts Photobooth (10th Anniversary)
The Glitter Guts Photobooth will be setting up a portraiture installation for us as they are about to celebrate their 10th Anniversary the following weekend. “Our aim is to capture the world we live in at its best, the culture, the subcultures, and the counterculture.”

¸.•*W_Dervish (Ethnic Electronica)
W_Dervish channels his passion through his own productions and through mixes he creates using expressive sounds and driving beats. He particularly enjoys deep house music with an ambient and ethnic touch. These influences are manifested in his productions.

¸.•*Tatiana Fonseca (Belly Dance)
The lovely Tatiana has been performing our events for nearly a decade. Come see why she is one of the most sought after in Chicago.

¸.•*Jay Taylor (Current Vibrations Sound Voyage)
After the Ecstatic Dance journey Jay will bring us through a relaxing sound voyage to sooth us out. He has been collaborating with all sorts of community artists and leaders so look into his many works and upcoming events.

¸.•*MC’d by Secquoyah Lacy (Performance Portal)
He will be releasing his “7 Principles” album the night before so get ready to see him flow his rhymes.

¸.•*Starlight Nectar D’Amour (Succulent Embodiment)

¸.•*LeekOvision (Live Body Painting)
Top notch painter on all surfaces, including people, walls, and canvas. You won’t want to miss this stylist joining us on his 11th year creating art for the masses.

¸.•*Colin Breen (Glow Poi & Flags)

¸.•*Bhairavi Shera (Communication Decoding & Realignment)
“I’ll guide you into seeing your own communication patterns that will help you align more steadily to what you want to manifest in your life.”

¸.•*Liz Medrano (Shiatsu Therapy)
Studying and learning about Eastern healing, Shiatsu, Yoga, and human body mechanics with the support and guidance of my teachers has allowed me to develop my own style and draw from the many modalities I’ve been exposed to. I thus have developed my own relaxed and intuitive Shiatsu style.

¸.•*Tony Holmes (Shamanic Soul Therapy)
Tony is a skilled and experienced corporate wellness facilitator, Interfaith Minister, mediator, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Therapist and Empowerment Facilitator for Individuals and Groups.

¸.•*Melissa Matson (Freeform Express)
I’ve always loved to dance. Because there’s nothing better than feeling the buzz of life – the uplifting sweaty joy that’s only available on the dance floor. I’m a somatic movement artist and therapist and am passionate about experiencing and expressing the beauty of wholeness. I’ve danced professionally in New York, taught at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

¸.•*Alejandro Salinas (Massage)
“I’m a Clinical Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Musician. I believe in creating spaces and sounds to rest, relax, and restore.”

¸.•*Christopher Messer from Futuristic F.P. (UV Body Art)
His art will transform and amaze you with every stroke. Let him paint you up and be your own beautiful art tonight.

¸.•*Xane Daniel (Lightworker Righteous Comic Book Series)
The country — the world — is splitting in half. On one side, we see a rise in caring for each other and all life. Unfortunately, we are also seeing more bigotry, selfishness, anger, fear, and conflict than ever before. Entertainment is a great way to bridge that gap. If we can enact change on an individual level during leisure time, then we have a chance to awaken the masses!

¸.•*Jane Justice (Numerology/Sound Sessions)
Numerology is the universal language of numbers, and each of us was born with a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others, lessons we’ve yet to learn, opportunities we’ll be given and challenges we’ll face at specific periods of our lives — or throughout life as a whole.

¸.•*Joe Gagnepain (Live Painting)
His career as a full-time, freelance artist started in 1989. A prodigy of sorts, Joe was doing life drawing as early as sixth grade. He began high school in St Charles, IL and finished at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, an independent preparatory high school for the performing and visual arts

¸.•*Angelique Nelson (Aligned Movement)
From her soul poetry sessions, to her bodywork, she has brought so many sides of her to ChiKaGo. Now she stirs up a new type of movement workshop to share with you.

¸.•*Robert Bershadsky (Thai & Fly Therapeutics)
Do you want to stay grounded or are you ready to fly?

¸.•*Jason Cunningham (Channeled Readings from Kara)
Kara is the Angel of the Ninth Astrological House of Philosophy & Beliefs.

¸.•*Dennis Frederick (Pied Piper)
He has been around for many moons bringing his vibrant energy out as a singer in the band Electric Medicine, Native American Flute Player, Poet, Actor, and Dancer!

¸.•* Ariel Rose (Live Painting)
“Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want tomorrow.”

¸.•*Lana Eucalyptus (Experimental Electronic Music)
Her sound fuses ethereal vocals with live guitar and resonating electronic music. The dimensional soundscapes engulf listeners like phagocyte vesicles then releases them into its gooey cytoplasmic rhythms. She provides an otherworldly exploration inspired by human consciousness, spirits, as well as alien life forms

¸.•*Julie Bray (Live Painting)
Coming all the way from St. Louis, MO to bring her unique blend of visual art to us.

¸.•*Chan Maurice Evans (Guitar-Drone Soundscapes)
Almost 30 years of experience playing professionally.

¸.•*Shanti & Lisa Devi (Ananda Lila Kirtan)
Sufi Kirtan with Gypsy Grooves, World Music Rhythms and Transcendent Voices; Blending East & Native Indian Sounds with Klezmer, Ambient and Folk Flavors.

¸.•*Yeshua/Joshua Gunty (Live Visuals)
Creator of worlds behind our imagination, it’s hard to figure out where his art starts and stops. Yeshua is a future renaissance artist who creates immersive & meaningful experiences for fans, clients, & collaborators.

¸.•*Cherry Berry Blast (Face Painting)
Some of the best and fastest painting around, great for kids and adults. Come get some berry blast of sparkles and color.

¸.•*Organic Monk (Improv Orchestra)
A hometown favorite finally back again.

¸.•*Q the Eternal Question (Video Mixing)
If you’ve seen him at any of the recent Freakeasys you know it’s going to be HOT.
instagram @eternalquestion_visuals

¸.•*Sound Shephard (Sacred Vibrations)
Started Urban Escape Healing for the community and now venturing into new terrains through the sound currents. He will be there for the opening circle and throughout many channels of vibration on this night.

¸.•*Abigail MacGregor (Reiki)

¸.•*Jason Gremley (Playful Spirit)
Always expect the unexpectedly with this friendly fun fella.

¸.•*Firefly (Live Performances)
Firefly ignites the night with her ever-shifting, collaborative art-xpression. A full-time variety performer and producer, she has trained for decades in theater, movement, improv, comedy, music, magic, and circus arts, as well as spiritual pursuits. Creativity lives at the birth of experience; come explore with her!

¸.•*Vivian Astara Sakellariou (Ceremonialist)
She’s been with us since the beginning of ChiKaGo and we are glad she’s come full circle back with us again.

¸.•*Tree (Reflexology for Wellness)
Bringing over 15 years of experience to healing people through their feet. “She loves helping people feel better, feel grounded, feel lighter, feel emotionally clearer, and feel inspired and re:integrated.”

¸.•*John Sacelli (AngeLynx Alignments)
The Founder of Chi! Ka! Go! who created his own divination deck and dictionary. Get your cards read in a unique way from the manifester himself.

¸.•*David Medina (Performance Art/Decorations)
He has been hosting and decorating countless events with BrilliantlyMad. We are blessed to him helping with the curation all around Qu4 for you to explore.

¸.•*Tatiana Sanchez (AcroYoga)
Sharing the acro spirit for years, Tatiana will be bringing performance upside down and all around.

¸.•*Sweet Ginger Rose (Love Patrol)

¸.•*Edward Balloon Hands

¸.•*Rose Mountain Photo / Buddha Heart Shop

¸.•*OPEN MIC (7:15-8pm)
You are the star. Bring something to share.

+ More To Be Announced…
If you want to bring your art or creative spark let us know:

::::Main Flyer Artwork “Moksha” & “The Dance”::::
Jennifer McEuen – Jennifermceuen.com
Jamie Gaviola – Jamiegaviolafineart.com
Design elements by Vivianne Segura & LogicLab
Final design by David Jason Ziemba

Presented by BrilliantlyMad & AngeLynx
:: Life-Force Strategies of the Soul ::

CHI is the Life-Force, the Ki (Key), Mana, or dynamic vital energy which pervades all of life. The KA is the Spirit-Soul, our gathering of that CHI force into the uniqueness of our own being. And GO, the Oriental Game of Strategies, expresses the choices we make to share that uniqueness with our community. The CHI KA GO community coalesces through dancing, loving, healing, singing, and celebrating till the midnight hour. We offer this opportunity to join our community together with a variety of new modalities through the arts while sharing our hearts and souls with one another. You are welcome to release your barriers, set your intentions, and open to our wide-ranging spectrum of creativity.

CHI – The Life Force
KA – Egyptian for Spirit-Soul
Go – Chinese-Japanese Game of Strategies

➳ Ask First, Protect the Community & Leave No Trace
➳ Create Experiences Through Love & Compassion
➳ Maintain a Sober Atmosphere of High Vibrations
➳ Honor the Divinity in All

All Ages Welcome // 6pm till 1:11am
(kids under 17 must be with parent)
Location: Que4 2643 W. Chicago Avenue #2, Chicago
Free street parking / Respect our neighbors

“Our name depicts the true essence of our calling. Quennect 4 is a pathway for organizations, artists, and the independent community to connect with each other and with resources. When we say ‘Quennect 4’ we mean connect the music with art, the politics with people, and the freethinkers with a social setting. Our Spanish prefix “Que” means “what” as in we will connect the people with whatever they need. We will quennect 4 society, quennect 4 the people, and quennect 4 the voices that are silenced by mainstream outlets.”

☆*•.¸TICKET SALES¸.•*☆
$20 tickets available now
$25 includes Cacao Ceremony (limited)
$25 offering at the gate (if available)
Kids 12 and under invited for free
17 and under welcome with parent

*Food for the potluck/non-alcoholic drinks
*Sacred items to charge on CommUnity Altar
*Healing modalities to offer
*Glow flow toys & props
*Gifting is encouraged
*Water container
*Yoga mat

*We are also requesting warm clothes to donate for those less fortunate during these cold days ahead. Especially requesting socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and coats.

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November 11, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
November 12, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
$15 – $25
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